The Soular Lifecycle refers to the extended lifecycle of a soul, encompassing not only their mortal life but also their ventures beyond the grave. Two main categories exist in this lifecycle with three defining races.


This stage refers to mortal life who are still living out their years in a physical body. Death in this stage results in a process known as Decay where a soul is transferred from PR to AR. No memory erasure occurs during Decay.


In PR, mortals are regarded as Physicalites. They are unable to perceive any occurrences beyond the physical realm despite their thoughts and dreams being hosted in AR. This is the first stage of life a soul is birthed into.


This stage refers to souls who have shed their physical body and now exist as an intangible entity. Death in this stage results in a process known as Rebirth where a soul is subjected to memory erasure, transferred from AR to PR, and given a new physical body.


Another race exists within the bounds of PR, referred to as Sinners or collectively as the Sinnerverse. These represent the souls who committed heinous crimes in their lifetime, therefore were expelled from AR. Despite being able to possess bodies and interact with the physical world Sinners are unable to communicate with anyone they knew in their previous life—these people are unable to see them. For many Sinners, suicide is a common resolution, restoring them as a physical entity. This is one of two second stages of a soul's life.

As of the end of All Ends With Black the Sinnerverse no longer exists, overturned at the Gates by Siôn Armenn.


Those who progress into AR are referred to as Astralites. They are completely unable to interact with the Physical Realm, despite occurrences of Astralites interacting with the physical world existing. This is the other second stage in a soul's life.